PROJECT 1Development of GENESIS for high performance MD

Many biologically important processes occur on the time scales of microseconds, milliseconds or even larger while the used time step in MD is one or two femtoseconds. Therefore, in MD, there are inherent limitations in simulation time and target system size. We have developed GENESIS with efficient parallelization and have succeeded MD simulations of systems consisting of 100 million ~ 1 billion atom systems. Based on the development of GENESIS with efficient parallelization, we further increase the performance from optimizations for next-generation supercomputers and new hardware architectures including GPUs and coprocessors as well as CPUs. To understand biological phenomena at very large scale, we develop high performance schemes for various coarse-grained levels. We also develop efficient integration schemes enabling large time step without any loss of accuracy. We expect that these developments make a new breakthrough that overcome the current limitations in MD.


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